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The SigEnergy Intelligent Energy System – A Market-Defining Marvel

Probably one of the most advanced systems you will see in the market today with more capability and safety built in than any other system on the market today. Many of which will save you money either at install or every day.

It’s not very often we have something come across the desk that makes us all stand back with a collective gasp, quickly followed by a chorus of wows. But the SigEnergy range has been that product and continues to look like a stand out choice for those wanting the next level in quality and technology. With a range of equally intelligent additional equipment being released including EV chargers, alongside product testing so rigorous that it includes testing them fully submerged, under water.

It’s brilliant to see manufacturers get it this right. A truly brilliant, and market defining product range with unrivalled safety features and intuitive AI technology that really stands this kit out from the crowd. It’s beautiful, it’s highly intelligent, and it’s proving to be one of our customers most popular choices this year. We can definitely see why.

All components of the Sigen system are designed to stack in an attractive unit. Inverter, batteries and even the car charger. They can either then stand on a floor mount or be attached to a wall unit. The only free standing unit is the Gateway.

Intelligent by design, the Sigen system predicts weather and learns your usage of power. On any tariff it will charge your system intelligently, but it can also use Octopus Agile dynamically and exploit this too. This increases returns every day.

Available in both single and three phase the inverters are rated up to IP66. Tested to withstand very high and very low temperatures, hard continuous water spray and even complete submergence under water. In single phase they are available up to 6kWh at present with,8,10 and 12kWh options expected to release later this month. Wider options are also available in three phase up to 25kWh.

Ten Inverters can also be connected to form effectively one large unit. Each one sharing it’s battery as a single source of storage.

The battery units are stackable up to six units for each inverter and come in 5kWh or 8kWh sizes. Again IP66 rated and will still discharge down to -20c. They can be discharged to zero percent and charged to full without affecting their warranty.

Most importantly Sigen batteries are inherently safer than any other battery on the market. They have a built in fire suppression system. Should a fire start in any single unit they discharge a chemical that stops thermal runaway, then this same gel coats and surrounds the entire battery until and forms a ceramic shell. At the same time the case monitors for pressure and vents to avoid high pressure explosions. This effectively prevents fire spreading to other units.

In combination a Sigen inverter and battery system can provide a whole home backup system to your home with no further equipment required. Usually, an expensive solution this alone can be worth the price of system. With 0ms switch over and the option of circuit choice or your entire home this can be a real joy now power cuts are back.

The Gateway, allows the connection of panels, the inverter, the grid, and even a generator should you really feel the need. Even other sources of power could be connected and managed here.

New and intelligent car charger even for single phase. EV chargers that allow AC and DC charging including using spare panel and battery capacity to supplement grid supply. Boosting charging times for single and even three phase and saving money. Again intelligent by design using only the power you want to go to the car.

All in all, the Sigen Energy system provides more capability, safety and return than any system so far. It is the system that we would buy with our money and trust in our homes.

As approved SigEnergy installers, we can design, supply and fit these systems in your home or business and you can start taking benefit of the technology a lot of other brands are scrambling to catch up with.

We are The Renewable Energy Company. We Are Renewables.

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