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Introducing GivEnergy: Revolutionizing Home Battery Storage

Introducing GivEnergy: Revolutionizing Home Battery Storage

GivEnergy, a renowned British-owned battery storage manufacturer, is on a mission to empower homeowners by offering innovative products that guarantee substantial savings on electricity bills. With cutting-edge manufacturing and research facilities in the UK, Ireland, Australia, and China, GivEnergy specializes in designing and manufacturing a wide range of award-winning solar batteries, AC controllers, inverters, and even an impressive GivEnergy EV Charger.

Whether you aim to maximize the potential of your solar panels or take advantage of off-peak tariffs to charge your batteries, GivEnergy is the brand that meets your needs and expectations.

GivEnergy’s impressive lineup of energy storage systems, available in capacities of 2.6 kWh, 5.2 kWh, 8.2 kWh, and their latest addition, the 9.5 kWh model, seamlessly integrates with smart tariffs like Octopus Agile, allowing homeowners to capitalize on plunge pricing and optimize their energy usage.

The 9.5 kWh GivEnergy Battery, recently unveiled on March 24th, stands as their most substantial domestic battery storage solution to date, enabling users to store and save more energy with GivEnergy than ever before.

The GivEnergy 9.5 kWh Battery: Power and Capacity Redefined

Representing the next leap forward in the GivEnergy product range, the 9.5 kWh battery offers enhanced storage capacity, making it the largest home storage battery GivEnergy has developed thus far. This remarkable battery can be effortlessly retrofitted onto existing solar panel systems or seamlessly integrated into new solar PV systems. Thanks to its plug-and-play functionality, you can quickly start reaping the benefits of a GivEnergy battery storage system.

The GivEnergy battery pack works in conjunction with GivEnergy’s AC Coupled or Hybrid Inverter, allowing you to store energy from the grid or excess generation. Each AC Controller or Hybrid Inverter can support up to 5 GivEnergy batteries, ensuring maximum storage capabilities. Additionally, when combined with a Hybrid GivEnergy inverter, your system gains full EPS capability, providing backup functionality during power outages—an ideal solution for remote areas.

GivEnergy batteries utilize lithium iron phosphate technology, ensuring exceptional safety and making them suitable for a wide range of installation locations. With an IP65 rating, these batteries can be installed indoors or outdoors, and they offer protection against water and dust, making them suitable for installation in lofts as well.

Experience Peace of Mind and Unparalleled Support

With a market-leading unlimited cycle 10-year warranty, GivEnergy ensures that you can fully utilize your battery’s potential for a decade, all while remaining protected. Additionally, GivEnergy provides a dedicated UK support team that is always available to assist with any issues that may arise. To enjoy the benefits of this extensive warranty, it’s crucial to have your system installed by a GivEnergy-approved installer. Otherwise, the warranty will be void.

The GivEnergy Monitoring Platform: Unleashing Advanced Control

GivEnergy’s monitoring platform and accompanying apps offer one of the most advanced and powerful monitoring solutions available. With full monitoring control, remote firmware upgrades, and site-specific settings, you can easily service and fine-tune your system. In case any technical assistance is required, a UK-based technical team is ready to lend their support.

Octopus Energy Ready: Embrace Smart Charging

A standout feature of GivEnergy’s battery range is its compatibility with Economy 7 energy tariffs, such as Octopus Go, and smart tariffs like Agile Octopus. This means that your home energy storage system can take advantage of lower electricity rates during off-peak hours, providing you with even greater savings.

Key Features of the GivEnergy 9.5 kWh Battery