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Carports and canopies are dual-purpose structures that provide shade and generate green electricity. Typically, solar carports/canopy structures pay for themselves in 10-20 years, depending on location and orientation. Depending on your specifications, solar carports and canopies can include internal rain water drainage, lighting, and vandal-resistant electrics. 


For a private car or two, we recommend a four-legged wood frame carport with our solar roof. These are inexpensive and easy to install. The only downside to this four-leg design is manoeuvring between the legs, as you have to ride between the two legs, which are usually 8 feet (2.4 meters) apart. In a domestic setting, this is fine, similar to driving into a garage, anyone can do it, but with caution.

In more public settings, the problem of damaging the car, occupants or carport structure is compounded, so in these cases a cantilevered design is recommended, with the entire canopy suspended from stronger legs attached only to the front. Cantilevered structures require more earthworks and civil engineering and are often several meters deep. Therefore, it is mainly used in larger parking lots and is usually only suitable for a few parking spaces.

Wooden framed carports and canopies are available in a variety of sizes.  Finishes can be in either high quality pressure treated softwood or solid oak.


There are two options for fully waterproof solar roofs – PV Slate or Infinity Solar Roof. PV slate looks and functions just like natural slate. The Infinity Solar Roof can be used at very shallow angles and provides an elegant and almost seamless glass roof effect. We also offer the option of a clear back panel, which lets light through the gaps between the cells, creating an attractive mottled shadow effect. We can also change the spacing of the units to your specifications to let as much light through as needed.