The Renewable Energy Company

What a looker this install is! Mr Salnave was excellent and the process start to finish has been fantastic. These Half Cut Mono Solar Panels really pop against the slate roofing, once again we want to thank Mr Salnave with his Trust is us.

What a looker this one is. We absolutely the Eurener Half-Cut Plus Black Panels and The Renewable Energy Company. Definitely a great choice by the customer and we would recommend them to anyone interested in getting solar.

Mr Patel is so happy with his new Solar Installation. The team and Mr Patel got on great and his Jinko Panels in combination with the Giv Energy Battery & Inverter offer him huge savings on his Energy Bills.

We loved the final result of this installation, the 2 segment setup really makes this one a standout amongst the rest. With The Trina Vertex Mono Solar Panels paired with the SolaX Triple Power Battery System this is a system we know the customer is going to love.